Reviews for "LRU 3: Darkness Reborn"


It did get me going for a while! I agree your graphics in LRU 1 were better though, but i love the customization of it all. Definitely earns a 10, even though i'm not into hardcore rpgs, great work!

good game

its a good game, shame its the last of the series.

so much better at adventure quest.

It was awesome for an rpg flash game,usally these suck but I'm glad wit this one 5/5


This Was A Cool Game I play this game to wast time when im downloading stuff or bored

This game is amazing!

I realy loved playing that game, same if I didn't finished it yet.
Great job!!

Question: How do I get in the Divine wood? Ive searched around 30 mins and I
didn't find out.