Reviews for "LRU 3: Darkness Reborn"

Sweet game and more

On Google write BenSpyda Games and you will find his old and new games, and talk to BenSpyda,maibe see his new plans for some games or videos and give some ideas.

Quite addicting, but maybe some better art?

I think this game is a great RPG. The only suggestion I have is add some better art, that would make the game max out it's potential. Other than that very nice, very nice.


BUT HOW DO YOU get lethal mode? but it so good who give it 0 will be dead by the next day

a cool game

it's a must play game good job benspyda and miluska


1 how do u det mystic/foribiden armor
2 how do u find the dungeon for the cresent moon quest
3 whats the eisiest way 2 get money