Reviews for "LRU 3: Darkness Reborn"

WASD pissed me off

Control with WASD: no problem; attack with WASD: pissed me off, well, this is the problem of life and death!


NOTE: this is all on lethal
i dont know how it happened, but instead of leveling up and getting 100 more hp i get 150. and i got on one day, my level was 19 its now 21 and when i got on, my hp was 2850, then it went to 3000 and now its 3150. i think its cool, but its a glitch, so..... but its an awesome game. out of the ones ive played, i think this is the best one so far. 10/10!!!!


This game is awesome, like all Lethal RPGs!
The combat system makes fun, aber gets boring after a while: I use magic because the standard attacks takes too long and I always get three hits.
I found a glitch: When I use deadly strike or otherwise wound the enemy, and my pet attacks, the wound only does the pet's damage, which is much less than it would do if my pet didn't attack. More annoying, it is not even possible to disable the pet once you have it!


THIS GAME IS REALLY AWESOME!!!! i think u r a great rpg maker Bensypda i give a 10 :D

:) nicee

Really good game i like oh byda way did u receive my pm