Reviews for "LRU 3: Darkness Reborn"


Dynamite gameplay, Awesome graphics,sweet upgradeables,Wide range of choices between weapons and classes and spells and potions and augments and attacks and a solid quest line make this an awesome game.Plus i just finished it with warrior, But it took me like 32 hours still pretty awesome

nice game!

hey i noticed something about you battle system aside from the button combos it really resembles battleon! lol though im saying you copied it or anything.
the graphics are much better than your older games and you really seem to put real effort into your games system bravo! all in all a 9 yay


but how do u unlock lethal mode? just wanna know!=)

Very nice

I've done everything but get the last mystic weapon. I went out of my way not to get the demon sword so i could get the katana...but the other mage won't talk to me. The only other thing I can't find is the last red orb for that mage in vergilius. I got the one in paradiso caves but theres still one left. Please help!

it was ok

battle system and movement was pretty good. but your charactor customization is bull. you say you can change your armor, but it just changes it to an ugly color. and when i changed my knnight guys white armor to black, when i started playing he was all white! in my menus it was dark, but in the walking areas he was not changed at all. in your newsest game, charactor customization is very very good, so i see you fixed that. so your one step ahead of me. keep up the good work