Reviews for "LRU 3: Darkness Reborn"

best of the series!

I enjoyed this one of all of the LRUs because, first off, great music, second, never encountered a glitch, and third, great fighting system and weapon upgrade system


I like this game! It's so awesome! And the musics too! LOLOL


i can't belive it has agun that makes it awesome

Great game!

I could play it for eternity, it's so awsome the fighting the monsters the whole leveling system weapons and bossess just pure honey:D

Didn't want it to end

I was initially going to rate it a 9, but then thought to myself "how many hours have i been playing this for now?" The answer obviously being quite a few, so... I reconsidered ^^

I gotta say, it was a very well made, fun game. It didn't have the annoying repetitiveness of most RPG's and at the same time didn't lack anything from the criteria of an RPG, so props on that lol.
Obviously there are quite a few things that could be improved, but there are always going to be so it's not like you should lose any kind of rating for it.
1 thing i suggest you may want to add though is some kind of tutorial, or info page, mainly because i was stuck for about half an hour trying to figure out how to clear a territory. (I assumed the shield and swords were just a logo or something so didn't even think to click it)

Now, my turn to brag. lol
Str:-1987 Mag:-907 Def:-49 Health:-20,000 Max damage:-30,000 Gold:-187k
The average level of the monsters i'm fighting in the tournament's ultimate level is 243-252 which give roughly 2.5k Exp/gold
And lastly I have the Demon Blade and Scythe and Forbidden Armour, Still in the process of getting the rest.

(Sorry for the bragging, but i like to think of it as my reward for playing, lol)