Reviews for "LRU 3: Darkness Reborn"

Haha nice game

This game was great, with nice artwork and everything and just a couple minor issues. It's kind of funny when the battle move combo whachamacalit (the thing where you press a random combo of w, a, s, and d) makes you press a, s, s...

Tjis gaame rocks!!

It rocks! But i have a question: what is teh password for the bank?!
i want to get these 1000 eon pieces (EON is gold, just futuristic type)

Best RPG ever.

thrill +3 stars,challenging tournaments +4 stars,music +1 star,upgrades +2 stars.
Overall Awesome


One of my fave 5 the best RPG ever


I was wondering if you could allow us to download it? I would love to play this game when my internet goes out, lol. (That happens every night until 1 pm)