Reviews for "LRU 3: Darkness Reborn"

only 1 thing I never got...

why do they weild the swords backwards?

OMG he called his brotha a pussy

if u go 2 beatrice after u did what da leader told u 2 do on da 2nd planet then go 2 da end of da area an u`ll c a machine click an when he talk click on THREAT ITS SO FUNNY hah lol :D

I love it

I just love the LRD games, good story mix with a good animation, characters...and cleavege lol, but a good game very good game always looking forward to the next part of the game everytime.

Almost fully satisfied

Excellent game. Nice story, nice versatility, and nice outfit ;). This game is a well thought out adventure game and I liked how the characters weren't spouting cheesy lines. I did have one small problem though. When I turned off the music, the sound effects in combat were still on. Brilliant project otherwise.

My favourite game

This is my favourite game. Its awesome. But some planets have ultimate lag.