Reviews for "LRU 3: Darkness Reborn"

Unique Game!

i really like this game cuz its really deep. theres not alot of games like this on newgrounds, so its very unique. like how you dont just push a button to make combos, but you use several buttons. 5/5, 10/10!

great game

fun game but as a few problems and if you want the pin look at old reviews. if your to lazy to beat LRU 2 at least take time to find it. stop bring lazy bums.

BEAT IT!!!!!

BEST GAME EVER!!!! 2/2 for gamplay 2/2for difficulty 2/2for graphics 2/2for strait up coolness 2/2 for series of the game tips: NO TIPS THE GAMES PERFECT!!! witch brings me to this agian BEST GAME EVER!!!!!:D


Awesome but what does it mean when it says "only one who walked the path of life my open this chest" at that place where you get the forbiden armour set (paradiso the dungeon at the top left corner of the third screen). Please P.M. me if you have the answer.

2 Questions

1. what are those red orbs you find around the game for? no matter what class i am (even Lethal) it says "I shouldn't touch it. I feel evil forming around it"

2. how can i find the orbs for a mages stave?

whenever you use another file to open a canister, if you get on another file on the same comp. it says "Someone has beaten me to the punch,its empty" this is incredibly annoying as my sweeper has EVERY magic +1% item whilst my mage has all the strength +1% items

Benspyda responds:

Speak with a mage in town and he gives you a quest to destroy those orbs. Purgatorio I believe is the town with the quest.