Reviews for "LRU 3: Darkness Reborn"

..played it 'til the end!

This is by far one of the most authentic RPG game I've played in NG..yet, haha :) Thank you so much for your hard work in putting all the effort into making this masterpiece :) I hope you make more ^_^ hmm..with better art, this would be PERFECT :D hahaha, there's always room for improvement.. :) keep it up!! <3

This game is amazing!

I realy loved playing that game, same if I didn't finished it yet.
Great job!!

Question: How do I get in the Divine wood? Ive searched around 30 mins and I
didn't find out.


How to unlock lethal?

Not even half as good as LRU2

Im the first to say its rubbish


The game was great to play. I played through the game and it was fun. But it kinda annoyed me that the trees kinda laying on the ground. I can never get past them. But besides that great game.