Reviews for "Cardboard City"

Not bad, but...

The idea is really basic and nothing's really going on. The animations weren't smooth at all, in fact, some of them (not all, just some) were bad. The were pretty boring, there could've been some more creativity in textures or different colors (colored cardboard paper?). What I'm trying to get at is: it's boring. Don't get me wrong, you all have talent, but you definitely could've added some more work to it.

MorrowDays responds:

If I lived in a city made of cardboard, I'd walk around with a radio pumping jazz like, ALL THE TIME. just imagine how awesome that would be.

myself I thought the animations were quite smooth, but hey, different tastes, different standards, its all good. :)

Took the words out of my mouth dude

'OMG it was liek borring and so i haeted it whar was the story? lolololol 0!'

MorrowDays responds:


but you didn't give it a zero! :P

Wasn't bad

This was something different and original. I thought the music made it much more of an effective piece. It was kind of dream-like and relaxing and did a good job of showing me this weird world of cardboard.

The animation was quite nice, but I was always hoping for something more intense to happen at some point.


... that's certainly a city I wwouldn't like to live in.


Im sorry to have to say after all u guys have been through that I didnt like it, It lacked any story whatsoever and I got tired of watching it very fast, the music was ok, but kinda made me want to go to sleep, Though I have to admit the art concept was great and made me want to watch more I just got plain tired of the same thing over and over