Reviews for "Cardboard City"

Really Interesting

Although i didnt really enjoy the story as much, the music quality and general idea was wonderfull. I quite enjoyed the idea of a flash made out of cardboard. Make a series prehaps about a gangster movie or something i think it would fit it well.

MorrowDays responds:

one of the more interesting things was that when we started the project we weren't aiming to have a story, the fact the parts ALMOST make a vague storyline is kind of cool.

Actually, better than I anticipated

I've seen this thread of the forums for a while, and no offense to you all, but I thought it was gonna be another, poorly brought together collaboration with a spontaneous idea. But you executed it very well, ended up being very experimental, plus a great choice on the tune.

There were a few loose ends, and obviously some parts were better than others, but I think overall it deserved an 8.

MorrowDays responds:

fair enough! the thread was pretty quiet for a collab thread, I'd just not post for days on end which was kind of lame, so I can understand how it would seem too ambitious an idea for us.

I was impressed by the parts submitted as well, it was hard to know how people would take it.


VERY creative and kinda boring.. well because the city is made of cardboard.. and also the music is boring to... but apart from that: great job

MorrowDays responds:

yeah a bunch of you don't like jazz, weird.


It was very unique in its style.
The music and animation flowed well because of the city theme.
Nice Work Guys!

Imma fiiirin mah laazzeeeer

lulz nice jaab gaise :DDDD lololol luv teh edning =3