Reviews for "Cardboard City"

Meow ^__^

It was good and fun minus the small spelling error in the begin and the lack of sound most of the way it was good ^__^

MorrowDays responds:

oh you spelling police you. :D


great work. Very imaganitive. I loved the Emergancy Rain Fan.

very interesting!

this showed a lot of talent. The textures were very interesting. How do you do that? Is it a jpeg that is masked onto it or something? Very cool looking.

Although it was extremely mellow and slow moving, so it was a tad boring for me, but I can't take points off for that. This showed a lot of originality and hard work.

preeeeeety good

that was kinda cool. the end was awesome!

Decent but needs work.

You know as you said it has no story line but the animation is great and i would recommend you stay with it. My main point is that you do a little less individual work and try think of maybe making a main point that everybody can try stick to. Theres alot of great collaberative work out there. Everythings great but as you said a story or central point is lacking if you added that in I think you could get close to or over a four.

MorrowDays responds:

a newgrounds 4.00 wasn't really what we were after, we did this for fun and to try things out, but all of your points are well taken. We'll work for a story line in the next one :)