Reviews for "Cardboard City"

Very relaxing

I enjoyed this very much. the music is easy to listen to, and the art style was very original. You guys who gave this a poor rating should really grow up. a flash doesn't suck just because it doesn't have blood flying everywhere. Though in some cases it does help >:)

MorrowDays responds:

yeah if we had some people shooting like, runnaway cats or something this probably would have gotten like, 4.20 xD

seemed... flat...

This was great guys. The way you incorporated all the different textures of cardboard into the everyday life of a city was really original. The two things that made me laugh was the "Emergency Rain Fan" for drying off the city and the spoof on cola.
Great work.


Hollow And Beautiful

There was no real plot but that's, fine, as the visual and audio aspects were incredibly well done. The only fault is the third act does not hold up. Almost Perfect.

Fantastic Animation/Concept

Who knew cardboard could be so interesting?

Clever little bastards! :P

loved every second of it! But if your gonna make such a long movie, especially as good as that, DEFINITELY make some form of plot. Even if it just follows one guy around the cardboard city of yours.