Reviews for "Cardboard City"


Very original idea. The music was a great choice for this type of movie. Some of the textures didn't work well, but overall it had great graphics and maintained the cardboard feel. Great job.


Very Artistic! I enjoy how it didn't have a plot, because truthfully, a flash like this really doesn't need one. Great job!


it was ok, but there were flaws that could have been fixed,

buggy menu(bad button detction)
slow at times
annoying loadergame
dodgy frame rate
mixed fonts
pixelated images
no voice(no personality)

nice theme
great animation
lack story

i would like to see a better one next time, ok collab sorry but i will still give a high score becasue collabs are more work than normal submissions

MorrowDays responds:

well it isn't our fault it was slow at times if you're meaning lag, and the framerate was 24, but whatever.


very differential and Mystical it almost sucks you into this world of Flat well done


Imagine for a moment that you could build a paper city, with little paper residents, who'd go out and perform their daily paper tasks. Now imagine that that paper city, with all its lively paper people, just washed away the next day during the rain.