Reviews for "Cardboard City"

If only it was made with actual cardboard. It's still great. It's great to have everything look so beautiful. Sure, it was lacking a story, but it didn't need one. I didn't understand that game at first. I got used to it.

It's neat to have a game with a movie. I admit to not seeing that many different styles. Well, it's probably good to see how you can all imitate this style. Nicholas-Deary and MarcyVF are two of my favorites. You're all pretty good.

A great animation, excellent effort with the texture of cardboards. The combination of colors, the depiction of life, and the music depicted quite the emotion.

I found it slightly wierd, during certain animations, for example, the man waking up and the triangular blimp moving accross the sky, the cardboard did not move with the shape, but rather was being revealed by the shape.

Overall, great animation, must have taken a lot of effort.

One flaw...

What if it rains?


I thought the animation was really unique, the style deserves a 10

Thumbs up if you saw the FIRING LAZOR action.

I did.