Reviews for "Cardboard City"

nyc very relaxing

i really liked it i got relaxed listening to the music great job

Very Nice, but.....

I actually had a bit more fun with the game.
(got 17698)

i watched whole

got 4750 points in preloader =)

deserves its 8 pts
Graphics: 9/10
Music: 5/10
funness: 5/10
longness: 10/10


all the people who said "it got boring y'know so whatever" has no taste for art... I loved it. Maybe I'm easily fascinated, heheh, but I loved it for its blues-jazzy grunge feel. This is just a great way of reminding people that you don't need cussing and blood and constant action to have a nice flash. 5/5 9/10

good animation but...

it gets kinda boring well i guese thats why they call it cardBOARD city lol