Reviews for "Cardboard City"


Imagine for a moment that you could build a paper city, with little paper residents, who'd go out and perform their daily paper tasks. Now imagine that that paper city, with all its lively paper people, just washed away the next day during the rain.

Extremely interesting.

Everything I've seen on Newgrounds that involves Morrowdays is very cool and creative. This movie is no exception. The animation is obviously the best part of the whole movie. Cutting out pieces of cardboard and using them to create a movie is very creative, and the animation style was also very interesting. The preloader game was also a nice bonus. I wish the movie was longer, but it was still very good.

Nice :D

I needed this. Screw storylines!

I like it but...

...but it makes me sad at the beginning. The song with the brown colors... It seems like a sad city... but then it becomes cool.
Good work.

Pretty awesome.

It's a philosopher's dream topic! I mean think about it, a rich man and
a poor man happen upon each other on the street. The rich man asks
the poor man where he lives, and the poor man says: "Why, i live in a box!"
With great respect for the poor man's answer, the rich man replies with
humility, "So do I." Dude, i gotta write up a comic about that! But anyways,
a really good show. Everything was beutifully animated, and with a genious
twist! Pretty awesome, and you deserve every star i give you.