Reviews for "Cardboard City"


I really liked the music. Smooooooooooth Jazzzzzzzzzz.
Movie was great!

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The End

It is the best.

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One Of The Best

This animation has to be one of the best I have seen so far on Newgrounds, It's so beautiful and simply done. Plus the overall animation is amazing such as the guy checking his watch on the train and the woman waving her washing out of the window. It is all just amazing work and I can alot of time and effort went into this and it really has paid off. Great stuff!


i love the ending...after the credits lolz

great animation

a lovely thing to watch

I love the mood and style here.

Coolio's game sets the tone perfectly, with his textures and simple-to-grasp mechanics. I started to become an expert, getting 7k just as the movie loaded.

I wasn't too keen on the 'rain' movie. The bright colours didn't really go well with the cardboard theme, the misspellings looked sloppy and the end was a bit unclear - I think the fan blew away the cloud, but am not sure. I'd have liked a clearer visualisation of that. It was a nice bonus though and like everything had lovely textures - just like in the main flash.

In the main flash, I felt you could have maybe had more pallette restrictions or provided a set number of textures for consistency. I felt that bright saturated colours worked against it as did some uncardboardy textures. Although, I guess if you try to impose too many rules, you get in the way of creativity...

Whilst watching the thing, I thought everyone had done their parts to the music. It ended up well paced.

My favourite parts were those involving the underground and the guitarist.

In the end, it was a lovely thing to watch - kind of like a trip into this city, watching a day unravel.