Reviews for "Madness combat test 1"


all it was was a guy walking shooting a guy another guy walks in shoots the same guy end. very slow animation the only thing good was the sounds. there was no plot or storyline charcter development lacked to almost nothing. that was actually a waste of time. though since you can make that kinda stuff now start on weeks of hard labor on a real movie with your newly found skill good luck

Animator1123 responds:

Ummmm you read the title of the movie right?
It says madness combat TEST!
it wasnt a hudge movie i made it in 2 days im in the process of making an ACCTUALL madness movie and it wasnt a waste of time it helped me in alot of ways some you may not know cause you obviously dont animate madness download a sprite sheet and try to animate it you will most likley see my next madness in a week or 2... or possibly 3 cause im gonna take as long as i can to make it perfect so people like yourself will see that this was just a TEST nothing special
This was not an angry letter by the way just ecplaining


I wouldnt be taking any tips from you...
The feet were too far away from their bodies and the guns were midget. I dont think madness is your thing...
P.S. madness usually takes up about 5 layers...

Animator1123 responds:

Okay animate madness then you can talk allright
i know it wasnt perfect i didnt take THAT much time on it its my first time
are you gonna tell an inspired animator when his first stick animation SUCKS that he should give up cause he dosnt know what hes doing and is just learning the ropes, and madness takes up at leasat 6 layers per character depends on what you are adding on to him if its just the character and the walking cycle then its just 6 allright so lay off me for my first time its alot better than most the other madness fan flashes you see on this websight. And i didnt do the kick back that well and i didnt move his body when he shot I KNOW IT WASNT MAGICAL but it was better than most people can do on their first try and on most their tributes


......... s.o. b.o.r.i.n.g