Reviews for "Clocknam Tales"


frankly that would have been better with actual voice actors and characters that weren't just locks and clocks, but i salute your ability to make something this epic with such plain characters. Another small complaint would be that the movie had a lot of things that were out of place. When those planes flew off, i figured there would be paratroopers jumping out of them, or at least they would be dropping bombs because the song in the background was "Raining men", but because none of that happened the song just seemed out of place and completely unneeded, just as some other elements.

Rho-VIII responds:

They're fighter jets, why would they drop men out of them? Those were the planes doing all those airstrikes throughout the movie. I thought that was evident enough.

it was ok........

Great graphics and music, and also funny but just not my thing, but great job. Stupid Squirrel Out.


It was really good except for the voices. Try to get some voice actors next time, other then that, it was enjoyable.

I think

it was good..the grpahics were good...although...the people could have been more creative..rather than...wat the hell a dr pepper can...
sound was quite poor...but overall a good effort

Not bad

It was great animating, but there wasn't much of a story line and nothing much seemed to happen. Also, I know it's already been mentioned, but the songs... not only were they slightly homo, but they were so out of place...

But once again, great animating and smoothness