Reviews for "Invisible Gauntlet"


If I were to say this game was fun, it would be a lie.
You had a good idea, and a good premise, and fair enough graphics where I could tell what was what and not be bothered by pixels or annoying artwork that isn't needed. That being said, work on the damn controls. The first time I died, it refused to let me go up. "Fair enough" I thought, maybe I have to hold it like the silly marble game. That's not the case as when I respawned, it REFUSED to let me move PERIOD.

Sleek design and fun-potential does not make a game, otherwise some games on here would score a lot higher than they do.

Too Hard

the first couple of levels were too easy, then it got way too hard way too fast.

"so so"

"so so" as they say

since im a dirty SOB

what i did to beat 30 was i pressed to print screen button and pasted to pic into paint, then used the grid to figure where i was in relation to the pic, the little spicky dude pissed me off tho lol

nice very noice

i really liked thi game no matter how bad i was its a 7