Reviews for "Invisible Gauntlet"

Wow... what's that drippin out of my ear

Great game, really hard, but all of the challenges are doable (though your brain might start oozing). Might be too hard for some just because of how much you have to concentrate, or they will just get bored. This is a game great for masochists (j/k) or for people who want a fun, but extremely challenging puzzle game. Please start making a squeal.


A Challenging, but possible game. Most people who make a game that they want to be challenging make it so hard that its impossible. This is just memory, but it isn't hard, it makes you think really hard about the problem. You hit the target with making it the hardest thing ive ever played, but still be possibe. This surpassed beating halo 1,2, and 3 on legendary (Combined) in the difficulty, but i still made it through without pissing myself off. Great Game.

Wow good game

Just beat it, it was fun and addicting, although it felt a bit short, it wasn't too short. if you were to make a sequel, then the only thing i could suggest you add would be some other aspect/trap to some levels. 10/10 5/5

Ow, my brain

I just finished level 30 and I think I pulled a neuron from concentrating so hard. I wonder if that is actually possible...

Anyway, this game is extremely intense in its way. Not like a first person shooter, but the need to think about many different things at once while memorizing floor layouts, keeping track of invisible moving obstacles, remembering where teleports lead, and at the same time actually playing the game. I admit I cheated a little by writing down some directions and placing bits of sticky notes on my monitor to use as landmarks.

Advice to others: USE THE GRID! This game would be next to impossible without it. Keep track of the holes and move to beacons often to refresh your memory.

To deal with the moving blades, try counting, they will always follow a pattern. For one level, I identified that all of the blade in the level would move to the center at once and they all moved clockwise. I counted 1...2...3...4...1...2...3...4...Etc as they hit the walls and knew that when I said "1" they were in the center and I had to move when I said "3".

Other than that, focus like crazy.

Great game! Hard but not too hard and very, uh, how to say... mentally stimulating. Yah.

Good luck achieving immortality! (is that the prize at the end?! I don't know! Try to find out!)

Bulortio responds:

thanks for review.

Yea I added the grid pretty late in the development. It was wayyyy too annoying without it :P


whatever its a bit difficult as you move on. gets boring after awhile.