Reviews for "Invisible Gauntlet"

i found a way to cheat

if u press space bar u get a grid and if u look at while one of those tile thing that clears the fog u can get a way from the chat

made it to the last lvl and got tired of tryin lol

nice game, preety adictive i made it to the last lvl and got tired of trying to complete it its just impossible!

took like 40mins to get to it rofl.


I liked the game a lot (currently playing level 19), but you should consider allowing the arrow keys to work too (I'm left handed, so for me it's a pain in the ass to use wasd). It's HARD, but that's the way it should be.

I cheated!!!

Hehe i put little stickers on the places to turn

cool game

this was a cool game even though it is simple. i loved the music. It was a little hard though but i got to level 8 and then died a bunch so i stopped/ =)