Reviews for "Invisible Gauntlet"

hard game

very fun. played a few levels, went to level 30 to see what it was like and i was just like "allright i dont think ill be able to do this without drawing it out" which would defeat the whole purpose i guess im just not patient enough. really sweet game though, the fog was interesting.

Great music!

I originally played this game because you used my song for the background music, (excellent choice BTW) but I ended up really enjoying this game! It was quick, took me about 35 min, five deaths on level 30, and a little patience, but was well worth it. I will have to check out your other games.

If you were looking to improve this game, the only thing I would suggest is to create a random level generator similar to the Diablo games--I also realize that this would take a lot of programming as ONLY randomizing tiles, teleports, enemies, keys and doors would not be enough; a clear exit path would have to be guaranteed every time. Additionally, I think the amount of time that the player can use the grid should be time-limited per level to avoid using it all of the time (which I did).

Other than that, hurry up and make more. I get bored easily :)

P.S. If you want me to write another tune for the next one, let me know.

Bulortio responds:

thanks for the review and the song.

Good idea with the randomized levels, may be a bit tricky to do but if I make a second one I'll definitely keep it in mind!


The game was pretty good, and it was very enjoyable. Sometimes the sound got a was also a good challenge for the mind, as described earlier as a "memory game". You'd better pattend this game before they make it into a DS game.


This game was awesome, addictive to, only thing I wish was that those saw things gave a little bit more of a warning through the fog *wink wink nudge nudge*

New but...

Very easy to cheat on which takes away from the complexity of the game. Good though. Doors that you dont have the key for though shouldn't kill you... that made me mad.