Reviews for "Invisible Gauntlet"

Kinda Cool

I gotta adimit it was cool the game was awesome but the chracter doesnt fit with the game

Not bad at all but...

...i think levels with moving enemys are 2 hard

Not bad at all!

Great idea, none of the levels were too overly complex to memorize enemy movement, but were complex enough to keep it challenging and fun.

I must admit the last level had me thrown a bit just from its sheer size but uh...I screenshotted the map from a beacon and pasted it onto MS Paint in a second window >.>


i liked it but the dialogue boxes kept coming up

My memory is equal to that of an earthworm's

Even though it wasn't the funniest game I've played, it was a really interesting idea. Keep up the good work, and you'll be in for a 10^^