Reviews for "Invisible Gauntlet"

gotta give the option for arrows

....us southpaws cant use the wasd thing. Sorry,...but thats dissapointing

fire death wiil take you a shitload of time

you cnt conciosly time it rigtht, thr beat is random


this game was great the only level i had problems with was one that had the two robots that moved across the screen and the twisting path.... i think it was called wrongstep or something like that....
but i stoped when i got to the lolalevel i didnt even attempt that one lmao

Freakishly amazing!

I love both the concept and the execution! That doesn't happen very often in flash games for me. I do have to say though, I got thoroughly irritated and had to quit before I smashed my computer screen in. :D

Great game!

very original

Haven't seen anything this ingenious since Shift. Great memory puzzle game. My only complaint is the monotony, every puzzle is just a maze with some enemies and a few doors with keys. got bored after 20 of them and stopped, but otherwise good game. I'll still give you a 10/10 since it could be more my short attention span than the monotany of the game.