Reviews for "Invisible Gauntlet"

Great original game

I thought that the genre of these puzzles was burnt, but from time to time, it appears some new twist that surprise me.

The controls are easy to get used and the difficulty is incremental so you can progress in the first levels without too much problems. Every new level introduce new challenges. Considering that I hate the mind games that force you to think, this game makes it really easy to want to remember the things. The only small thing is that maybe the graphics aren't extremely polished and this fact won't like some people who won't be able to see the awesome fun of the title.

Good Game, but could be better

This was a great game. I've never played anything like it. It's amazing how simple timing traps that appear easy can become infuriatingly difficult when you can't see what you're up against.

But I think this game can be better. You should include the option to show the grid at all times without holding down a button. holding down space while using wasd made my hand cramp up and as a result lead to some unnecessary deaths.

Also, I think you should give the player some reward or at least some confirmation for passing the game other than warping you to a point where you can only commit suicide. Even if it's somthing as simple as a screen that says "congratulations" or "did you actually think you could survive?," you should still somehow let the player know that they beat the game.

Overall, good concept and a good game. :)

Bulortio responds:

hmm? there is a win screen. I'll check out that teleport death thing, that shouldn't be hapening


It's a reall cool idea, keep up the good work

Nice puzzle game, very creative.

I haven't finished it though, got to lvl 9 only. But I like the creativity.

Nice Game!

This was a nice, solid game. I really like it! I'm determined to beat all 30 levels.
The only thing that bothered me was the fact that there wasn't an option for using either the arrow keys or the "WASD." I loathe not being able to use the arrow keys, lol.