Reviews for "Invisible Gauntlet"

Awesome Game

wooh 179 seconds and 109 clicks, no hints xD. Admittedly, the first time around, some of them were quite hard, like the last one. xD Great game though

Very hard puzzle game.

I think it's the hardest puzzle game I've ever played. You need an extremely hard timing on level 19 cause I can't find a way to beat that one so I gave up, it was a very hard level though most of the other levels were hard as well.


Its a great game and pretty challengin i enjoyed playin it i can barely wait to sse what u will do next.


I absolutely love what've you done.

I havn't played many good memory games but this one takes the whole fucking cake.

One minor minor minorrr complaint. When you die theres this noise and it gets quite annoying. I'd like to have an option to turn that off if you plan to make a second one.

Good work!


very good idea and origional 2! only thing was that i always found myself holding the spacebar for the grid. how about an option where you can choose whether it stays on or not but keep the spacebar aswell?