Reviews for "Invisible Gauntlet"

ooh yes!

finished it w/o any skips!!! oh yes! im so proud of myself... btw, liked it alot!! I needed to use Microsoft Word for the las level (i made a table)... i like it better than excel... at first, i often get confused with the controls (i use the arrow keys for moving)...

overall great game...

Bulortio responds:

LOL good idea with the table. thanks for review!

A game that is not only fun, but challenging.

This game tests the memory, for you have to remember the exact positions of each pitfall, key, and door before you step off the light beacons. You are punished if you touch the walls or the doors, and are killed by traps if they touch you. The later levels force you to remember the timing, which adds to the challenge.

It is possible to pass Level Nine, but it requires a bit of foresight.

That said, this is a good game. I like it!

Great, but...

The game was great up until Level 9. At that point, the keys available to get through the doors don't quite match. I started off with one key that could open one of two doors. Those doors did not allow me to get a key I need to pass through the rest of the level. :\

I realize you can skip levels, but that takes away from solving each level. If I missed something, please point it out. Otherwise, I ask that you take a look at level 9 and make a change or two. :)

Bulortio responds:

nope, 9 is doable :P

I made it so you would have to figure it out before warping into the main room.

how it works is:
-get red key before warping
-unlock bottom right red door, get white key.
-unlock top right white door, get green key
-unlock bottom left green door, get white key
-unlock top left white door, get blue key.
-unlock last blue door blocking portal, run to it.

It's a little difficult to see at first :)

Good game but difficult in spots

It is a really good premise for a game and is well executed. I just personally got irritated by it fairly quickly.

Good game.

Very nice game, good puzzler. Only weakness I think is the spacebar used for the grid, as using it while moving triggers the limitation thingy on keyboards (Can't hold more then I think 2-3 keys at a time.). I think setting it as a mouse press possibly might work better, have a decent sized button on the bottom, just big enough so people won't slide the cursor off easily, and that can make it a bit easier I think for using the grid (Especially with moving threats)