Reviews for "Invisible Gauntlet"


very awesome, all the levels were great, i got to lvl 19 before it got repetative and kinda easy. graphics are pretty average but that is certainly not what this game is about, the unique game play is... well... unique, and is quite challenging, especially if u dont use the sence, that we call, hearing, yes u can tell where the spikey majigs go by LISTENING to when the hit the wall, but ofcourse u need to know where they hit... but even then its hard to tell exactly where they are.

the main example and perfect difficulty was lvl 9 which was fantastic also lvl 10 (i think) and few later ones, i stopped at lvl 19 or so because ti became more of a maze/memory game, which i dont particularly like, then a puzzle game which i love... and pretty repetitive, but up to then it was dam good fun. nice work

8 because the graphics and level individuality and all that could be improved... also a make your own level would be awesome :D this definitely deserves higher then 3.83 score

for u who couldn't pass lvl 9

Run up and grab the red key, memorize where the spike balls go, run through the portal aprox. 2 seconds after one just bounces off the wall u start at and get the bottom right WHITE KEY, after that get the only GREEN KEY, then through the green door and get the WHITE KEY then finally, get the BLUE KEY and go through the portal... but its easier said then done o.O

Damn thats hard!

But hey its really good , i agree with the guy below , really cool and different..

Challenging and awsome!"

New and interesting, I really liked it!


a good game but i cant beat level 9 i almost did but made a mistake and went 2 the wrong door challenging in a good way

Lovely Lovely game!! =D

Amazing!!! Luved it =D...keep up the good work