Reviews for "FWG Bridge"


this was fun and pretty awesome.

"amazing game"

awsome game :P i didn't beat it but it's still a good game :D

also... for those who love this kind of games

try Brige IT (demo > http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=JOP5-1A 3xRU&feature=related )

Just like pontifex, except not as good :(

The area to build the bridge is way too large, even on the first level. The way the controls are set up are confusing, sometimes you'll make a support beam you can't delete, and the game is just so frustrating I couldn't get past the first level.

The scrolling is hard to do, why not add the ability to scroll using the arrow keys, so that you don't have to stop building the bridge to look around? Little things like these could probably be fixed in a day or two, and it would make your game substantially more interesting.

Has Great Potential!

the physics were spot on, and the bridge building was pretty good. i can see a game like this having a lot more potential if you were to make a sequel. some suggestions for a possible sequel or similar game:
perhaps a weight and speed chart ( or another way of showing each) for each of the "things" that crosses?
more levels ( obviously),
the ability to attach bridge pieces to the middles of other pieces, rather than having to place them on only other ends of bridge pieces.
perhaps a circle to show how far each piece can be made ( from an anchor or other plank end)?
instead of each piece being "100$" you could make it "X pieces left" or a money system based on the size of each plank used? maybe even different types of planks with different costs and different strengths.?

it'd be difficult for a random person to figure out how the game works, so maybe a tutorial video or clearer instructions for those who aren't good builders. (me, it was fairly simple to complete all three Levels -_-')
But great work overall, this game is like a builder's dream!

YAY! ^^

After about an hour or so, I finally beat it. ^^ Plus it's fun to watch the cute critters fall. xD 10/10