Reviews for "FWG Bridge"

Fun and simple

Its fun, but there are just too few levels. I wish there were a high score area to see who is the most efficiant builder (finished levels with extra $). Also it could include a custom map editor.

I like this game!

Nice game, but wery short and hard. But I think that would be better if the levels were on order, rather than choose them from the menu.

I do believe this is already on here

This was posted about 2 months ago. All you did was put in level select and a sandbox mode.

Original can be found here:
http://www.new grounds.com /portal /view/440286


The concept is really good, and the visual is well designed, but it does not have a functional system:

The construction is difficult, because you never actually know how it is going to appear and the gap between lands is way too big, but the biggest problem is the disparity between what you see in the blueprint and what land is there to be structured on. When you're going to design a structure you must have objective and specific details as to where you're building it. When that information isn't correct, everything falls apart. Even more when you're unable to build it in a way to correct

I liked this game, but it has pretty substantial flaws... if you correct it I will play it with pleasure.

Pretty fun

Reminded me of CAD in high school. I seem to be having to same problem as most others though. My design seems sound, with the triangle structure and all, yet it falls apart nevertheless. Was pretty fun though