Reviews for "FWG Bridge"

Very nice game of architecture & physics

I dont understand why people rate too low, this game rulez. Great game, but next time make the tutorial a little bit longer ( ''Triangles work better'' is usseles as explication) and make more levels, but I repeat: its a great game


I'm giving you a seven because I like the concept and the execution, and I feel that marking you down too low because of my own frustrations isn't entirely fair. Nonetheless, I cannot figure this game out for the life of me. I barely passed the first level on sandbox mode (after some experimentation), but I don't understand what I'm supposed to do to make the bridge stay together. My suggestion? Expand the freakin' instructions, man! Maybe I suck at physics/architecture/etc., but the vague advice of "triangles work best" didn't help at all. Cause let me tell you, I made triangles. Oh, did I make triangles...maybe you could have a picture of a successful bridge, so that we have some models to work with? I dunno. But as it stands this game is too difficult for my feeble mind to figure out AND enjoy at the same time.


WITHOUT AN UNDO BUTTON IN THIS GAME, IT IS ABSOLUTE SHIT. I have no idea how many times I have 'cleared' my bridge trying to hit "Test" or how many accidental 'mini' wood pieces I have made that are too small to click between in order to delete.

Undo button would get you a 10/10. No undo button = 0/10. Too fucking annoying when I misclick and it ruins 20 minutes of building.


For some reason when I connect lines in the editor, they are not connected in the testing, and so the bridge just falls apart. I also don't understand why the editor looks like shit, why not just make it look like it does when you're testing?

It's Gre-e-eat!

I like the whole dang thing. it's simple in objective, yet complex in process, the graphics fit just right, the physics are good, and you even thought to put in a sandbox mode. If I had any advice for you at this moment it would be to continue making these games. Maybe even a level-type puzzle/adventure game where you build bridges for you to walk on to get to some goal.

10/10 and a 5 because you rock.