Reviews for "FWG Bridge"

Ok but I could not make it past Level 1

The idea was good but like others have stated, make it more realistic, the bridge Flew apart when I had all the right X's and triangles together it still flys away. Maybe for a sequel, make your bridge reach the ground.


ok wow
i've been playing for 3 hours
i learned the secret to it and beat the level 3 wihout sandbox
u have to make a structurue that looks like this

and make them walk here

and the game was so frusterating but addicting and fun


this game is easy. it's actually an easy copy of bridge building game which you can download for free here http://www.bridgebuilder-game.com/
if you can beat the bridge building game, than this game is a piece of cake.
but i give it a 10 because it's fun, and well animated.
good job.

have to agree

yeah....I'd give you a higher score, but I too think it's a bit too hard. I can do alright on sandbox mode, using a lot more wood than needed probably, but really, I can barely build a bridge that gets all the way across with the money given, much less have it able to hold up the creatures. Good concept, would be a great game for a level builder function. I think a better instruction guide would help, but also demos of each level to show that, yes it is possible to do with the money given, or at least a link to somewhere that has some.

Some flaws, but not bad.

For those who are giving this a low score because you can't figure it out, it is difficult yes; but the author warns you. It's not impossible, just takes some effort. You were warned, if you don't care for it, play something else. Giving a low score because you are impatient is stupid. Overall it was a decent game, but I have to agree; if you make another one, an undo button would be great. And maybe for those that just couldn't get it, a tutorial level might be a good idea. Looking forward to a more polished sequel.