Reviews for "FWG Bridge"


Done all levels without sanbox. Really easy. The only thing that I hate, is that when one of the critters gets on the bridge, the bridge is prone to total destruction. I mean c'mon, they don't weigh tons or jump on it 'cause they're stupid... or are they?

Try to make a structure looking like this:
/|X|X|X|X|X|X|\ This offers maximum stability, even without needing a support point (except for the ends, of course)

like the game bridge builder

hey im not moaning this is a good game can i ask though did you get the idea from bridge builder not saying you copyed lol but every one has influence right lol i liked it any way make more levles


This was a very entertaining game, but easy, i played for 30 minutes and did it...
If u improve the game it would be a lot better

Strange Physics

When i saw that it was like Bridge Builder (the game with a train) i though that the pyshics would be iqual... but... it wasnt :(

Change the physics and this game can be a lot better


WTF?The game is really hard, even with the "instructions". I think it was as cool as a similat game with a train, but I was wrong.