Reviews for "FWG Bridge"

Very Bad

I have played other bridge building games, and I liked them, but this one is very bad. The bridge just detaches from the solid points whenever something goes on it, and there is not enough money to even start to make a bridge strong enough to do anything. Make it so that the bridge does not just fall apart for ne reason.


not to be mean but i actually dont get how to make my bridge stay up, it turns red (weight, i know) and then just gives, or acts like its not attatched and falls, any tips?

Pretty Good

I couldn't do it with the money limit in place. On these types of things I like to do extravagant designs so sandbox was really good for me. Thanks FWG!!!

Copy and paste?

Yo know the game pontifex? Its exacly the same, gots more levels and a better interface and more types of material (steel, iron, hardened steel...)

I like the sound of the wood. :-D

Complicated and fun.

I loved the lemming style gameplay, that was a lot of fun.