Reviews for "FWG Bridge"

ths is great

just make it longer and u'll be in bidnez 5 thumbs for you. do as you please with them


Couldn't get past the 1st level. I built a tri, quad, single, double you name it; but it kept falling apart when the monsters got on. needs major improvment.

Not the best bridge building game, but not bad

There is definitely room for improvement but it's not that bad. Im not sure what everyone is complaining about though (regarding not enough $, etc..). I've only completed level 1, but so far the physics are pretty "natural". If your bridge is breaking, it's something that the player is doing wrong, not the game because it is possible (and actually quite easy).

Improvements: Definitely add more sound than just the creaking of the bridge. Also, make more levels, with a much less difficulty gap between them.

some sound

man a little sound goes a long way

not very good

basis doesn't make sense and not good controls.