Reviews for "Eternal Love[Original Mix"


Really like it! Your dance tracks are pretty awesome!
The trance lead is somewhat worn after the first verse, but it sounds great with the acoustic piano riffs.
All in all 5/5 stars.
Great submission!

stephenstripling responds:

Alright cool, thanks!


__What I liked__
-The combination of slow and fast beats.
- I had a really nice flow.
- It was dance worthy!
- Very catchy, i will be humming this for ages!
- Nice piano start

__What I did not like__
- At times seemed a little too slow

I really enjoyed this submission, thank you for submitting it mate!

stephenstripling responds:

Thanks a lot bro. I really appreciate it!


This was pretty neat dude I must admit what a grand submission

stephenstripling responds:

Thanks a lot man!