Reviews for "Tankmen: Controversy"


well, i give a zero because:
Review: "horrible"

by: Oxley
date: 25 minutes ago
no offense but i did not like it, tank men is left to johnny utah so yeah

10 minutes ago

Author's Response:
fuck you, it was a parody and u don't have any movies

NEVER say "f*ck you" to people who just give a bad score. i hate authors like you. im not graDING IT ON THE AUTHOR, IM GRADING IT ON THE FLASH. and it sucked. maybe you could be nicer to the news place?

SecretClock responds:

fuck you

funny as a mokey on speed

i'm British and i understan that fox sucks monkey balls, also that was fuking awsome.

SecretClock responds:

thank you

boring :/

i seriouslly dont think that this is a bad submission animation wise its just that the story as a whole was rather lame i bet it could have been better if u made the story better

SecretClock responds:

Well it was just a short so there wasn't supposed to be much there but then again most cartoons don't have a good story.


Well, that was boring as fuck. Thanks for waisting my time.

SecretClock responds:

So it deserves a zero? You are really pissing me off you little pussy.

I don't get it...

What are you so angry at FOX for? I haven't heard them go on rants about anything--Unless you're talking about one of the prime-time shows. Still, reporting smut isn't anything unique to Fox News. Hannity's a blow hard and all that, but a lot of the things that FOX's personalities take on are serious issues that go underreported everywhere else.

It was Fox News' relentless reporting of child-rape cases (especially Bill Oreilly's) that has brought the subject to an unprecedented level of public awareness. You can actually thank Bill to some extent for the drafting of Jessica's Law (his reporting of the Jessica Lunsford case was especially intense). His persistent reporting and personal advocacy has helped the law pass (at least partially) in over 33 states.

This lame shot at Fox News is unwarranted. The flash itself was below juvenile ("Let's slap dicks!" ???) and, from your inflammatory responses to mild criticism, I imagine you just excite easily. You won't find yourself being mentioned by anyone on that station.


Except maybe Greg Gutfeld...

SecretClock responds:

ur gay, this flash was based on the Tankmenn series, This flash is not to be taken seriosly and the only reason I was mad at fox is because when they made a big controversy of one of my fellow newgrounders Cmann they made fun of him and were not fair or balanced.