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Reviews for "Meet'N'Fuck Threesome Fun"


i had no idea so many people were into fucking hentai.
Heres and idea:
watch real porn
get a girlfriend.
one who doesn't wear cat ears.
i don't get to obsession
it's fucking cartoons,
a single cell of animation played over and over for one position, then a new position wich is another single cell of animation.
Half of this was the PICTURE moving left and right.

What the hell?

How do these kinds of games get such high scores? The dialogue was retarded, the game itself is just you shaking your mouse up and down, which holds NO challenge at all. How the hell do people wank to this?

These kinds of games are an insult to everyone's intelligence. Have you ever even SEEN a vagina? But it's my fault for opening this, even if I did only open it to see if I could laugh at this crap again, and I couldn't. Fucking waste of a minute.

fuck this

my arm got so fucking tired