Reviews for "The Orange Box Collab"

Not bad :3

Lost points for the bad sound editing in some of the flashes, and some of the jokes were either overused or not funny. But overall, I really enjoyed this. :3

.... Why is it Omahdon keeps randomly showing up in flashes I watch? CURSE YOU EDWYN AND BEING SO.. UM... SO YOU. XD Damn your talent....


Some were good, some were bad, and the background music just ruined it. Still, it's the Orange Box. 7 stars.

pretty good

but my only beef with it is the audio. You should probably pull out the intrusive background music and fix (or do) some of the voice-overs.


It was okay but you tried 2 hard with the humour. 7/10 anyway

it was ok

the best parts were near the end
i would like another collab on this subject though seeing that this is the only collab on these awesome games.