Reviews for "The Orange Box Collab"

It has A WHOLE LOT of errors !!

Sorry the idea was nicebut a lot of the clips had some sound errors

.... Good.

Lots of sound errors and the background music ruined about 1/3 of the clips. But it was entertaining enough to watch all the way through, and I liked some of the jokes. Not to mention it entertained me for a while with its long length. Good job.

Not bad :3

Lost points for the bad sound editing in some of the flashes, and some of the jokes were either overused or not funny. But overall, I really enjoyed this. :3

.... Why is it Omahdon keeps randomly showing up in flashes I watch? CURSE YOU EDWYN AND BEING SO.. UM... SO YOU. XD Damn your talent....


The collab was good but had its fair share of hits and misses, of course though you get this with every collab. My only real complaint would be the sound quality, with the music playing in the background it was sometimes hard to hear what the characters were saying. Sometimes their mouths would move and nothing would come out. But still it was a good collab and I enjoyed it.


It was okay but you tried 2 hard with the humour. 7/10 anyway