Reviews for "The Orange Box Collab"


There were some parts where the sound just stopped but other then that very good.

The Orange Box Collab

Wow, you guys actually.......put effort into this.
nice job

Pretty Good Collab

This was a fairly good collab. The Orange Box is a cool idea for a collab. I probably wouldn't have used that music in the background though; it got kind of distracting during some of the skits. The graphics were good in a lot of the skits, particularly Flashbound's Pyro drawing, which I thought was fantastic. Overall, a pretty good collab.

~ Z

The flashes were okay but.....

The backround music took away from the potential the collab could have had, the very least you could do is put a mute button for it. For the most part the flashes were funny but some of the portal ones were just dull. My favorites were the Engineer with the Spys and why Gordon cant talk.

unknown person

who was that at the end of the flash...ive played half-life and portal and all and i dont know who it was