Reviews for "The Orange Box Collab"

That was stupid.

Some of it was fairly amusing, but mostly just really odd. Oh yeah, and the Heavy raping the minigun scene... Okay just no. That wasn't even remotely funny. Whoever made that... Wow. Just issues, that's all I can really say.

not very good.

Firstly, I don't know about the rest of you but throughout the whole thing the sound kept cutting out in the middle of parts completely ruining the plot. Also, the Portal parts were mostly just annoying, the 'Cake is a lie' phrase is so annoying now that it just makes it unpleasant to watch the phrase being plastered on the each Portal part every 2 seconds. Most of the stuff wasn't drawn up to scratch and need to be thought through better and i'm pretty sure there was a lot of tracing going on especially in the Team Fortress parts.

There were some parts I did like however, my favourite one was when the engineer, medic and soldier are in the house and then the spy saps the engineer's sentry.

You need to fix the audio.

Looks like it is good but you really need to fix the audio.

Average movie with lots of potential

Audio glitches aside (if I took them into account I would be giving one star), it needs a lot of polishing. Half of the sketches were poorly written, predictable and unfunny.
There was some very good quality work, but it got ruined by the audio glitches.
If you release an update or a sequel, first and foremost do some testing to ensure the audio plays properly!

Quite dispointed

Don't play a music in the whole collab. I don't want to say,but you could done better. 4/10.