Reviews for "The Orange Box Collab"


The Portal and Half-Half parts were spot on, guys, and I chuckled at the Team Fortress ones too. An excellent collab, be proud of yourselves.

Wicked SICK!

I loved the whole collab, most of all the one were the engineer, medic and soldier are on the table for a dinner, when they turn out to be also spy's! xD
Great Collab my congratulations! :)
Only tip for an fix, try to make subtitles or something because some of the parts were hardly hearable.

5/5 10/10!! and I voted for an collection of half-life! :D


Nice engie upgradin' his lv1-lv2-lv3 SG preloader, first off.

Loves me... and I mean LOVES ME... some Orange Box flashes. I've reviewed... three (I believe) of 'em on NG now. One back in the spring, and two more since I actually GOT and started playing Orange Box at the end of June, nearly two months ago.

I really dig the forward/rewind arrows, especially as while writing this review I can easily go back to something I missed while paying more attention to my typing than my watching... only thing that could be improved is a more HL2/Portal-style chapter select screen from the main menu (like how the Orange Flash Box does it). But... yeah, minor quibbles.

Way to integrate hilarious Portal moments, Meet the Soldier insanity, a bit o' the ol' HL2 action, and... a horrible horrible experience for Mister/Missus Pyro (OH BOY, CAN'T WAIT FOR MEET THE PYRO SOMEDAY, my fave class). I think what he saw the Heavy and Sasha/Sacha doing (though she looked more like the released-on-8/19 Natascha, fascinatingly!).... is far worse than him actually having died afterwards. ;_;.... oh, and the engie/spy bits were classic.... and in general, just lots of various animation styles and detail levels and... tones.

You totally called a Heavy achievement with that final Heavy+Dispenser bit, also. I'm 11/20 on that one since the update two nights ago, but I'm bound to get it by this weekend (13/38 overall). HEAVY FTW!

I won't go artist by artist like I sometimes do while reviewing collabs... let me just thank all of you artists collectively for embracing THE BOX, and for doing it justice, on the whole. Congrats on a job well done. How about a sequel?


All the flashes were awesome guys but why didnt l saw the collab on front page or why didnt u guys won something.hats sad cuase l loved it.


It's made of HL2 and win!