Reviews for "The Orange Box Collab"


Ironically Assasinrabbit who started this submitted the worst flashes in this collab. Gcacti delivered some of the only lawlz one could derive from this thing.


Honestly, some parts of this were good. Like GCacti and Greensinge's parts, which were quality humor and animation. Spacemanattack had an amusing part with the dispenser and good animation, but Death of a Pyro just isn't my kind of humor. However... The rest of it was horrid. Completely. How do you end up with a collab that has stick figures and utterly pathetic attempts at prepubescent humor in the same collab with quality animation and good jokes? It's pathetic. It seems like some people just signed onto the collab, or heck, even started it, just to piggyback off of Flash artists that are actually better than ABSOLUTE PHAIL. And if this is what you put out after a month's worth of extra work, you probably needed another couple months to, y'know, FIX THE AUDIO.

Not that great

A great deal of the dialogue was cut off. I also didn't know if the music came from the movie or some pop up ad in another window, but it got annoying and too loud from time to time. The portal jokes weren't all about cake, which was good, but redardless, I never laughed, or even cracked a smile while watching this.

not very good.

Firstly, I don't know about the rest of you but throughout the whole thing the sound kept cutting out in the middle of parts completely ruining the plot. Also, the Portal parts were mostly just annoying, the 'Cake is a lie' phrase is so annoying now that it just makes it unpleasant to watch the phrase being plastered on the each Portal part every 2 seconds. Most of the stuff wasn't drawn up to scratch and need to be thought through better and i'm pretty sure there was a lot of tracing going on especially in the Team Fortress parts.

There were some parts I did like however, my favourite one was when the engineer, medic and soldier are in the house and then the spy saps the engineer's sentry.

Just horrible.

There wasnt a single Portal joke without "THE CAKE IS A LIE."
Oh how original.
All of the drawings, in my opinion, sucked. The last one was the only slightly good drawn one.
Half of the voice cut out.
The song in the background was just carried on from the menu, and had nothing to do with the Orange Box what so ever.

The one where Alyx dies, or gets attacked by a hunter, you cant see what the hell is going on. It's just plain shit.

I would give good criticism, but I really dont think this deserves it. And it got 3.42? Why? Who voted that? Must have been the people that made it. Voting 5 every day would raise it that much.