Reviews for "The Orange Box Collab"

Very Funny

greatly made and very funny. 10*




All the flashes were awesome guys but why didnt l saw the collab on front page or why didnt u guys won something.hats sad cuase l loved it.


Nice engie upgradin' his lv1-lv2-lv3 SG preloader, first off.

Loves me... and I mean LOVES ME... some Orange Box flashes. I've reviewed... three (I believe) of 'em on NG now. One back in the spring, and two more since I actually GOT and started playing Orange Box at the end of June, nearly two months ago.

I really dig the forward/rewind arrows, especially as while writing this review I can easily go back to something I missed while paying more attention to my typing than my watching... only thing that could be improved is a more HL2/Portal-style chapter select screen from the main menu (like how the Orange Flash Box does it). But... yeah, minor quibbles.

Way to integrate hilarious Portal moments, Meet the Soldier insanity, a bit o' the ol' HL2 action, and... a horrible horrible experience for Mister/Missus Pyro (OH BOY, CAN'T WAIT FOR MEET THE PYRO SOMEDAY, my fave class). I think what he saw the Heavy and Sasha/Sacha doing (though she looked more like the released-on-8/19 Natascha, fascinatingly!).... is far worse than him actually having died afterwards. ;_;.... oh, and the engie/spy bits were classic.... and in general, just lots of various animation styles and detail levels and... tones.

You totally called a Heavy achievement with that final Heavy+Dispenser bit, also. I'm 11/20 on that one since the update two nights ago, but I'm bound to get it by this weekend (13/38 overall). HEAVY FTW!

I won't go artist by artist like I sometimes do while reviewing collabs... let me just thank all of you artists collectively for embracing THE BOX, and for doing it justice, on the whole. Congrats on a job well done. How about a sequel?

The flashes were okay but.....

The backround music took away from the potential the collab could have had, the very least you could do is put a mute button for it. For the most part the flashes were funny but some of the portal ones were just dull. My favorites were the Engineer with the Spys and why Gordon cant talk.