Reviews for "The Orange Box Collab"


collabs are fine, but be sure that the majority of your contributors have talent first.

more artists don't make a better product.

Not bad :3

Lost points for the bad sound editing in some of the flashes, and some of the jokes were either overused or not funny. But overall, I really enjoyed this. :3

.... Why is it Omahdon keeps randomly showing up in flashes I watch? CURSE YOU EDWYN AND BEING SO.. UM... SO YOU. XD Damn your talent....


Pretty good. The sound was really really glitch and would sometimes completely cut out. I still liked it though.


A joy to watch but too many sound errors. Visiting other reviews, they all seem to have the same problem. Perhaps more time in refinement and this would not have been overlooked.
Nonetheless a very comic and fresh collab for the ever popular The Orange Box. There were some outstanding parts in there that were of quality and great comic relief. Perhaps one of the finest The Orange Box based collabs on Newgrounds.

assasinrabbit responds:

I know alot of people have been complaining of the sound problem. We have been in the process of fixing the sound for a little over a month. The problem just doesn't seem to wawnt to go away. There are some sound errors that can be easily fixed, and they will be done really soon.

Thanks for the review.

Good content

But, god damn, the sound blending in with the music... made me wanna kill myself, the voices sounded so low, and was... hard to hear. Next time, turn the volume down whenever a sound happens or a voice is heard. Or maybe just turn the music volume down period.