Reviews for "¥ FUCK SHIT SPAM ¥"


the only funny part was the song and wtf was that red chinese symbol thingy.... it woulda got higher if a clock didnt make it becasue alot of ppl dun really like the clocks and im 1 of em but keep up the good work......

The real thing is better.

It needs that kid's face to be funny.


Way to copy

Where is the original of this movie where there is some sped kid's face instead of the Yen sign? Giving this guy credit despite the fact he probably didn't make the movie and only replaced some graphics ain't working.

Oh well, still funny. Made me laugh.

Overall, it was good

I liked that, except when you had the car that princess Diana was driving getting destroyed by the cable car. That was disturbing. But otherwise, I liked it a lot. That little guy with the polka dot outfit rules. I want to see more with that guy.

It's alright

It's pretty good and random.