Reviews for "¥ FUCK SHIT SPAM ¥"

Funny and really wacky....

BUT!!!!!! You've got Princess Diana driving around in a car waving... is this some sort of really SICK joke? Would you like me to make a movie of people waving out of the WTC?
Making fun of the dead is not right. And if you are offended by it, I'll just add: "If you're offended by this, you're gay."

I've given your movie a fair score anyway but I don't know why, because you obviously have no shame and don't deserve it.


man that was so fuckin funny! long ago that i laughed so good!! thx!!


lol rather random


the only funny part was the song and wtf was that red chinese symbol thingy.... it woulda got higher if a clock didnt make it becasue alot of ppl dun really like the clocks and im 1 of em but keep up the good work......

The real thing is better.

It needs that kid's face to be funny.