Reviews for "¥ FUCK SHIT SPAM ¥"


I like this because im not gay. and it was funny.


one thing, no idea what the fuck that was, but thats why it's awsome.


I cannot put into words how good this is, it just can't be done...

Wow...I thought this was really good

I'm surprised...this looked like it took effort to make. And it was funny as hell, with heavy metal midgets, Princess Di crashing, and a dancing Orange cClock in his boxers. You sir, get an instant 5!


Funny and really wacky.... February 19, 2002
Reviewed by: TheKillCritic Overall rating: 7
BUT!!!!!! You've got Princess Diana driving around in a car waving... is this some sort of really SICK joke? Would you like me to make a movie of people waving out of the WTC?
Making fun of the dead is not right. And if you are offended by it, I'll just add: "If you're offended by this, you're gay."
I've given your movie a fair score anyway but I don't know why, because you obviously have no shame and don't deserve it. --------------------------Shut the hell up you brittish piece of shit, go eat some tea and crumpets
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